Full Project Staffing:
USnets has over 150 Consultants on our staff. This gives us the ability to supply the client an entire Project Team with diverse skill sets necessary to insure the successful completion of the project in a timely manner.

Continuity of Service:
Because 9 out of 10 of the consultants that we provide are USnets employees, we can guaranty our clients that we will not remove a consultant from their project until it has been completed. Our clients are secure in knowing that consultants who have worked on their previous projects and are still part of the USnets team, will be available to help them in the future.

Residency Consulting:
For clients who have robust staffing needs and want to ensure their workforce operates at optimum levels, we can establish USnets On-Premise (UOP) office at the client's location, with a resource manager and staff to undertake the client's entire staffing operations. UOP has the capability to oversee all vendors and improve the management of all providers by implementing quality standards that result in improved service and cost saving. There is no cost to the client for the staff of the UOP personal.

Replacing a Consultant:
USnets realizes that on occasion an employee will leave a project for a new job or for personal reasons (i.e. illness). If this occurs USnets will replace the individual with one of the client's choice and credit the client with up to forty hours of the time that it takes for the new person to come up to speed on the project.

Consultant Interviews:

Every six months each USnets Consultant is subjected to a review of their technical competence. During this discussion, an analysis is made of the Consultant's skill level. A comparison is made with the previous reports. Every Consultant is expected to show improvement in their skills and demonstrate a proficiency in at least one new skill. The results of these interviews are used to determine salary increases and bonus for the Consultant.